Thursday, April 17, 2008

Team T-Rex!!!!!!

Wednesday was Malloy's first t-ball game, and Adam's dream come true! I'm sure every Dad is excited when their son or daughter finally reach the t-ball age. His game was so entertaining and I loved every minute of it. Adam is the coach, and despite his desperate attempts to name the team the Trojans, Dodgers or Lakers, the team voted and T-Rex won. Sorry babe- we live in Arizona.

It was freeeeeeezing outside, my toes were numb and Malloy is crying in this picture. He's crying because he is cold, I think Adam is crying as well. When we got in the car the only thing Adam said about his son's first t-ball game was, "I'm over Flagstaff". He proceeded to drive home with his best grumpy face on. Besides the freezing 50 mile per hour winds, it was sooo fun watching Malloy run all over the place.

Action shot

Don't forget about me. Nixie loved thinking she was part of the action with her mini bat.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun at the park until...........

I love it! The snow is gone and the park is on! I stole this picture off of my friends blog. Here are my kids and some buddies rolling down a 2 inch hill, loving every minute of it until Malloy informs me about an hour later that is tummy hurt- uh oh.

Malloy ended up throwing up in the car, Nixie felt sick, and we all watched movies the rest of the day. Adam came home and couldn't believe that his two crazy kids were actually laying down watching t.v. in the middle of the day.