Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love these kind of embarrassing moments

I have to record this funny little incident for our family journal. Sorry to all my close friends and family who have already heard this story. While at California Adventures our fam went to Turtle Talk with Crush, and sat back ready to be entertained. To our surprise, Crush picked Malloy out of the crowd to be interviewed first. After answering a few simple questions, with prompts from his mother, Crush asked Malloy who had brought him here. At this point, Juliette decided to let Malloy answer himself, and he came up with this little beauty, "Heavenly Father." He said it so clear and so sweet, and as the audience sat in awkward silence, all Crush could do was nod his head furiously, repeating,"O.K., O.K., cool, cool!" If he had said God, there might have been a few chuckles- but the words Heavenly and Father probably made plenty of people nervous. I'm sure people thought we were religious fanatics or possibly members of a cult. In the end it was kind of a proud moment for us, even though Juliette's face was red and she did whisper in his ear "Mom and Dad" right after he said Heavenly Father. I guess he does listen at church.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ohhhhh Disneyland- we miss you!

Star struck!

Highlight of the trip! Watching Malloy live out his dream- fighting Darth Vador! I was slobbering like a hound dog- my smile was so huge, I couldn't handle how excited I was for this boy.

Look at that little Jedi!

Delilah's Blessing

I love blessing day! I love dressing my babe in all white, I love hearing my husband's heartfelt voice while giving a beautiful blessing, and I love all the family that came up to Flagstaff to be a part of this special day.