Monday, October 29, 2007

Sloane's Baptism

It was so fun to go to Show Low and watch my niece become a member of the church! She was so cute, and the spirit was so strong. I can't believe what a baby I've become at church functions. I'm a big cry baby. Anyway, it was fun to see family. This is a picture of my 3 oldest nieces and nephew ( who feel more like siblings). Chelsea and Cole turn sixteen in January, and Emily is 18. They are so cute, and I wish I could see them every day.

My niece Sloane who was just baptised.

My crafty sister n laws- Jamie and Heather

Malloy and his cute little cousins!

My family minus Tiffany who came later due to some car troubles. My Dad, Cherisse (it was so nice that she came because she just had a baby and he is so cute), and my 3 brothers, Jay, Rick, and Scott.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We had so much fun this last weekend in Mexico! Thanks Amber for setting the whole thing up. The guys went spear fishing while the girls went snorkling. It was tons of fun and the sad part is, I didn't even miss my kids! We were only gone 2 days, but my kids were with my sister and I knew they were in heaven!

We love our cousins

Tiffany and her three kids visited two weekends ago, because I beg everyone I know to visit us. We tried taking some pictures of all 5 kids and miraculously enough , we were able to get a few pretty successful shots. Thanks Tiff for the funnest vist- you are the best!!


Nixie was desperately trying to climb on to the couch and eat popcorn with Malloy and Mckay. Every now and again they would throw her a kernel but that wasn't good enough. We finally gave up, gave her a fun plastic cup of popcorn and sat her in the middle. She could hardly contain herself- giggles, side glances, pure joy! She felt soooo big and cool.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Today was a particularly cold day in Flagstaff. Everyone had on their winter coats and Nixie could hardly walk in her bright pink puffy jacket and boots. Adam is so sad our daughter looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismal, but you can't beat those prices at Walmart.

Wake up fairy!

Malloy has a hard time going to bed by himself, he wants me to stay in his room all night, which obviously won't work. We now have the wake up fairy who leaves a small present under Malloy's pillow if he can sleep in his bed all night by himself. Adam was taking a Sunday afternoon nap, when Malloy came in to the kitchen and said," Mommy, the wake-up fairy brought Daddy some presents- he's a good sleeper, come look"! Ahhhh, if only Malloy could sleep like his Dad!

Our friends the Koelle's came and visited last weekend. Their kid's were so cute, and they made some pretty funny Halloween masks that of course I had to take pictures of.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy birthday! Jill is the best because......

  • She is the craftiest person in the world

  • She has a sneaky sense of humor. When we were roommates she received a calling in church, and at the time I wanted one as well- I told her how lucky she was(wow has time changed) anyway, she called my cell pretending to be someone from church- telling me that I needed to talk to the bishop about a calling. I was so pumped zooming around the apartment, applying lip gloss and out the door when I hear cackling. She wasn't really cackling but she was laughing her butt off. It was pretty funny..... and painful. J/K

  • Jill is very humble and thoughtful

  • Jill always looks gorgeous!

  • She is always laughing and so fun to hang out with, she is also the best drive by partner!

  • Jill is one of the only people I know that says exactly what she means. Example: Long ago in a little place known as Provo Utah a certain friend (Rachel) was trying to set Jill up with a nice chap. But because of a slightly decayed tooth Jill was not interested and told Rachel exactly that. I guess Rachel thought she would give it another shot, so she left this young chap at our apartment in hopes of a magical evening. Well, Jill had just stepped out of the shower and when she saw the young man waiting for her, she said in a very matter of fact tone that she had homework. She then turned around shut her door, and we did not see Jill the rest of the evening. AHHH- the good old days.

  • She is spiritual and the best laurel's teacher!
  • Jill really is Betty Crocker! Her hubby is one lucky guy.

I love you Jill, Happy Birthday- I wish we could celebrate together!