Sunday, March 28, 2010

Playing catch up

Temple lights with the Albright family

Our last play date with Gabby and Carter before they moved- we miss you!
Happy Birthday Adam!
Last year requests were: Red Lobster and dancing
This year requests: Tomaso's and Salsa Dancing-very fun and very funny.

Gross- but this picture best describes Delilah right now- IN TO EVERYTHING!

Nixie was playing her "sad song" for Adam. Adam had finished telling Nixie about Joseph and Hyrum Smith in the picture on the piano. He explained that they were both dead and in heaven. Nixie then broke out in song that went a little something like this- "I'm sad those guys are deaaaaad... I'm sad this light is too bright in my eyeeeeees.... I'm sad to take a baaaaath" you get the picture.

Delilah wants to be just like Nixie- always!
Bounce u

We kicked off the new year at Bounce U with cousins!

Nixie and cousins Roxcy, and Jaden at Christmas This photo features cousin Roxcy but it was the only one Nixie looked up in.

First year Birtdays
First child: bbq at park with family and friends
Second child: Sunday dinner with family and cousins
Third child: one toy- guests: brother and sister
Sorry Delilah- you still had fun

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Football, Halloween, and my sweetest 11 month old ( it's hard to get to a computer these days- we have limited access)

Malloy with his flag football teammate Phillip. Go Jets!

I had to put this picture in because Malloy is such a lover boy and just check him out checking out his buddy Brittlee.

My Dad bought me this dress in Korea when I was 3 years old and I have been saving this favorite costume so a cute little 3 year old princess could enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks Amber for having such a fun Hallo party!

Cover it.

Roller Derby teammates- I feel like every Halloween I have to black out a tooth. Why is it so funny to me?
Adam was so scary and I laughed all night at him.

Crazy hair day for Malloy. He was not sure about the bird nest we created, but he did like the bird in his hair. I could see him on the Kindergarten playground very seriously telling his friends not to touch the bird because it was real and it might come out. Wow!