Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We are working on how to smile normally- don't worry. This was taken at my Mom's house last week while we visited for a little while. It was heaven to swim and be with family.
Nixie's cousin Jaden had a dance recital, so my sister put her hair in sponge curlers, then suprised me by putting Nixie's hair in curlers! I loved it and wish she could be on the stage with her cousin.

Not the best picture on a lazy sunday afternoon, but just so my kids know that I am part of the family once this blog is a journal/book.


Malloy, Truman, Carson ,and McKay playing on the back porch.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I miss, miss, miss these faces every day!

Swimming at Mimi's

Adam is a returned missionary with a farmers tan, and yes, he is stoked about his bicep- oh brother.

Sunbathing on Mimi's pool deck

Thank you Adam

The whole time I was in Mesa, I searched high and low for our camera, so sad that my trip wasn't being documented. Adam was on a 3 day hike with my brothers and in laws- he did take the camera, and this is what he came home with. I'm glas his trip was documented.