Tuesday, July 22, 2008

21 weeks down- 19 to go! Yee haw!

Do I love being pregnant? H#%@ no! Do I love that I am at the point in my pregnancy where I never have to suck in? You better believe it! I'm done being sick and ready for the growing belly to overwhelm all I meet. We are not finding out- sorry! I hate people who do it, but since I have a boy and a girl, I think it would be exciting one time and one time only. There are so many grand kids on both sides, I have to do somehting to make more family members a little involved!

California vacation unplugged!!!!!

I did tell these cute kids that there was a booger in my nose so they would look at me and the camera- no smiles but at least you can see their searching faces.
It was so fun to have Rach and Myles visit!

Random picture but the day this picture was taken I kept hearing a quiet " BZZZ ARGHHH, Bzzz, ARGHHHH" and what did I find? None other than a bumble bee pirate- he was trying to sting me and make me walk the plank at the same time- pure entertainment.

Cute brothers and bros- in- law- minus Jonathan
Cute sisters-in-law and sisters