Saturday, August 16, 2008


Cherisse Elizabeth Tipton was born on August 15th (sorry I'm late)1984- and from the moment I saw her I knew we would be best friends. I wasn't quite two but my obsession was absolute! I informed everyone that she was my baby and I truly believed it. Cherisse has always been very honest, adorable, easy going, the best baker, and the best friend a sister could ask for. Now I have to add, the cutest mom as well. Happy B-day Cherisse, I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!
This picture is the best! You are -as usual the cutie pie of the girls. Yikes to me and my hair do and yikes to Tiffany's bangs.
Who needs birthday presents when you can squish in to a box with me! Should we try that again?

Thanks for always being my best pretend partner, even if you didn't want to.
Cherisse could never make an ugly face, she is a for sure a natural beauty with the best smile!


Happy Birthday to my cutest, funniest, most honest, and creative little sister! Thanks for being a good example to me in so many ways and loving me no matter what! You are the best!