Sunday, January 18, 2009

Since having 3!

The first 3 weeks after having Delilah, Nixie was way more mischievous-mostly because she knew I wouldn't move, Malloy played video games...let's just say a lot, and I was busy googling over my newborn and wishing I could high tail it to a cabin in the mountains so I could be alone with her and not worry about every cough and sneeze Malloy and Nixie directed her way. Now that Delilah is almost 6 weeks old, I'm a little less paranoid and enjoying my 3 pumpkins. They crack me up every day and we love watching Delilah become more attentive and smiley. Please enjoy the pictures below of- one video game lover, one sneaky girl, and one dang cute newborn.

The 30 minute rule a day for video games has gone out the window since the birth of Delilah and as you can see Malloy is pretty excited-live it up buddy it's coming back soon.


Adam couldn't help himself- he dressed Delilah and had to take a picture of her on the Southwest blanket.

We love you Delilah and your cute little smiles, cooing sounds and bobbly head- I could eat you up!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love prayer time!

Malloy's prayer: Please bless I will have a magical wand , please bless Santa Clause, please bless Spider man and please bless my mom to have a bed right next to mine- Amen.

Nixie's prayer consisted of echoing Adam until Adam went a little too long- she then sighed very heavily, threw her hands in the air and stated, "I'm mad wight now!" Adam tried again, but was cut short by Nixie starring him down and saying louder I"M MAD WIGHT NOW!" Adam was done.