Thursday, February 28, 2008

All for you Tiffany Ann!

10 years ago: I was 15- dying my hair orange, trying to be blonde, and having a new crush every week.

5 things on my to do list :
1) walk- I know I'm an old woman, and no, I did not get to put a check mark next to that
2)laundry- always
3)clean game closet- no check
4)take Malloy to a Spider Man birthday party
5) Get a babysitter for tomorrow so Adam and I can to on a date and see The Other Boleyn Girl.
My husband will be drooling over Scarlett Johansen and Natalie Portman. I am already drooling beacuse I am so excited to see that dang movie! Double check!

5 snacks I enjoy: MMMMMM
1) eggo waffles any time of day
3)Nutty bars
4)cheese and crackers
5)chips and salsa

5 places I have lived:
1) Tempe, Az
2)Mesa, Az
3)Provo, Ut
4)Queen Creek, AZ
5) Australia.............ok fine Flagstaff- that list is so boring I just wanted to pretend.

What would I do if I was suddenly made a billionaire:
Wow, I could go on and on or just copy and paste my sister's ideas but I will be quick.
Build my dream house, buy a beach house, help family, travel, get a massage each week, be generous, and pamper myself. I would say save but seriously a billionaire? Would I really need to save, I can't think of anything I want that would even put a dent in a billion dollars.

5 jobs I have had:
1) Sunsplash lifegaurd- and I did not know how to save anyone- CPR? No idea.
2) Receptionist
3)Tumbling teacher
4)Dental Office
5) Preschool teacher

5 things you didn't know about me:

1. When I was a junior my older sister woke me up one morning and asked if I could drop her off in my car to get her car that she left at the church the day before. We went outside got in my car and I drove her to the church but her car was no where in sight. She panicked, we went back home, told my mom, went back outside, she took me to school and borrowed my car. The point- my Dad went and got her car the night before. Her car had been sitting right next to my car the whole time. I actually had to squeeze inbetween her car and my car to get in to my car and driver her to the church. We then had two more opportunities to notice her car in the driveway and neither one of us did.
2. My husband and I went backpacking through Europe where we slept in hostels and due to the fact that almost every hostel was full, we spent half the time sleeping in seperate rooms with random people, and the other half of the time sleeping in the same rooms with other travelers/ transients. Adam was almost beat up by a group of 10 drunk Australians beacuse while they were gone, Adam stole their pillow. Adam felt pretty helpless when they were cussing and spitting at him because he was tucked in bed with the sheet pulled up to his chin (just picture a scared granny) trying to conceal his garments that he insisted on wearing to bed even in groups of foreigners.
3)The first night of our honeymoon I noticed that I forgot my make-up. I didn't really want to spend a week in Hawaii without it so I called my mom and asked if she could send someone to the hotel to bring it to me. Her response: "Don't worry about it, he won't be looking at your face anyway"-click. No make up for me.
4)I've peed my pants more times than I can count- mostly in Highschool from laughing so hard. I'm not talking about a little drip, I'm talking huge wet spot on the chair. Sorry I know that is gross.
5) I have been in eight car accidents where I have been behind the wheel. Only two of those were the other persons fault and two have happened within this last month due to the wonderful combination of snow and hills.

That was very long, I will not be posting for months and I tag Jill, Rachel, Amber, Paige, Jana, and Holly- have fun, I will hound you until you do it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is my husband going to Physical Therapy school?

This particular Saturday I was gone running errands. This is what happened in that time. I always love when Adam spends time with the kids because they do things that I never do. For example this picture. I would never have thought to draw every bone in the human body on my son. I'm not sure if Adam was using Malloy to study or if he was just bored, but please notice the facial bones, toe bones, and the heart carefully placed under the chest bones. Malloy loves skeletons and anything scary so he was in heaven.
This is how it started. I guess Malloy and Adam felt like it wasn't enough.


This picture is unique for a few reasons. A) my daughter has figured out how to take her shirt off and sometimes almost take her shirt off . This is a picture of her almost taking her shirt off. She messes up her hair every time she does this and I am the saddest mom. B) my Mom was watching her and decided to put make up on her. Note the eyebrows, yes that is eyebrow pencil. My mom is obsessed with eyebrows and from the time I was 4 years old she frequently expressed her dissapointment in my non existent eyebrows.

Mimi makeover- maybe someday Nixie will have eyebrows like you mom.