Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nixie and cousins Roxcy, and Jaden at Christmas This photo features cousin Roxcy but it was the only one Nixie looked up in.

First year Birtdays
First child: bbq at park with family and friends
Second child: Sunday dinner with family and cousins
Third child: one toy- guests: brother and sister
Sorry Delilah- you still had fun


Sarah or Stephen said...

I knew you were alive because Stephen talked to Adam the other day!!!!!! Hooray! Delilah is adorable! Her and Nixi are so cute together!!! Loved all the pics!

Paige said...

Well hello my wittle friend. Oh speaking of will you please be my friend again?

jill said...

your kids kill me. so so cute. loved every picture. and loved nixie's sad song. i'm still laughing. miss you!! you probably should come visit me. you might have to sleep with me and sean....but it's totally worth it.

jill said...
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Jenny said...

Glad to hear about you guys. We miss you! Isaac still says Malloy is his best best friend.

the waites said...

what a treat! what a treat! a much needed update my dear.

I cannot believe Delilah...she was like 2 weeks old last time I saw her. Such a doll.

I think my fav pic is Roxcy and Nixy. Priceless. I love all the make up and big hair.
Oh how I miss you Jew... please can we see eachother more then once a year???

keep the blog going I love seeing the fam.

tenney_fam said...

Looks like life is good for you guys. My girls still talk about moving back to Flagstaff to play with your kids. They think all of our old friends are still there!

Hess Fam said...

So much to catch up on. I don't know where to begin.
1. The Piano Recital. I'm dying.
2. The Dance Recital Hair. Out of control cute.
3.When did Delilah become a toddler? Where did the time go? She is a mini Nixie and I love it.
4. I miss you guys like crazy.

laurice romney. said...

you've been busy. Your kids are so cute! They have gotten so big since the last time you posted.

Love the song.

Hess Fam said...

i like that malloy was representing the long beach 5th ward in the second to last picture.


Melissa said...

Lol LOVE the post about delilahs bday! I haven't even celebrated elsies yet and she turned 1 in march! I'm the worst mom ever! And I have never had a party for either child! My motto "when they are old enough to request a party, they will get one"

Love the piano post! Tell tiff hello and its time to blog! Love ya

Beth said...

nice blog with nice picture of cuties enjoying the Christmas celebration. It was nice going through your blog.keep on posting.

myndie said...

i just checked dave's email and saw a reminder for their first softball game...and had a juliette pang, sort of like a hunger pang or is it pain? anyway, missing you so much!! what will the team do without adam and his big shirt.

loved reading about your lovely fam. nixie's song--fabulous! anyway, know you are missed and hope all is well.

Ashley said...

I still love sneaking a peak even though let's be honest ...I know most of the things you do anyway since I live right down the street. I am laughing right now that on your sidebar you spelled not only my name wrong but Curts also;)

Amber said...

juliette, this is amber rhoton i am desperate to talk to you. Please call me 928-699-9201. i don't know how to reach you and I have some questions for you regarding your preschool.

Balvinder Singh said...

nice family and nice pics.
thanks for share your family moments with us

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