Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy birthday! Jill is the best because......

  • She is the craftiest person in the world

  • She has a sneaky sense of humor. When we were roommates she received a calling in church, and at the time I wanted one as well- I told her how lucky she was(wow has time changed) anyway, she called my cell pretending to be someone from church- telling me that I needed to talk to the bishop about a calling. I was so pumped zooming around the apartment, applying lip gloss and out the door when I hear cackling. She wasn't really cackling but she was laughing her butt off. It was pretty funny..... and painful. J/K

  • Jill is very humble and thoughtful

  • Jill always looks gorgeous!

  • She is always laughing and so fun to hang out with, she is also the best drive by partner!

  • Jill is one of the only people I know that says exactly what she means. Example: Long ago in a little place known as Provo Utah a certain friend (Rachel) was trying to set Jill up with a nice chap. But because of a slightly decayed tooth Jill was not interested and told Rachel exactly that. I guess Rachel thought she would give it another shot, so she left this young chap at our apartment in hopes of a magical evening. Well, Jill had just stepped out of the shower and when she saw the young man waiting for her, she said in a very matter of fact tone that she had homework. She then turned around shut her door, and we did not see Jill the rest of the evening. AHHH- the good old days.

  • She is spiritual and the best laurel's teacher!
  • Jill really is Betty Crocker! Her hubby is one lucky guy.

I love you Jill, Happy Birthday- I wish we could celebrate together!


jill said...

Oh my gosh. Ok I am crying right now. Tears or joy Juliette. I have not laughed that hard in a while. Thanks! Those were some fun memories, minus the decaying tooth and a "friend" who likes to put me in awkward situations (Rachel) :) But as I recall. I was in the kitchen making bread, he sat in the living room for about an hour, then I proceeded into my room where I remained the rest of the night. That was actually kind of mean now that I think about it! Anyway, thanks for the birthday shout out! Love ya!

The Waites said...

For your information the poor guy is going to Dental School... probably to fix that tooth. Oh my gosh if he ever read this AHHH!

ryamolsen said...

Ok its official my internet is up and running. I miss you more than life its self. Hey I am freaking out right know thinking that in 3 days we will be lying on the beach having the time of our lives with out any interuptions.ahahahaha. Ok some one needs to come over, I am out of control. Juliette can you do that for me. Great. see you soon.