Sunday, September 23, 2007

Birthday Girl!!

Top 10 reasons why I LOVE Rachel Waite!

10.) Rachel has always had a great sense of style- hair, makeup, clothes, EVERYTHING!

9.) Wears her heart on her sleeve. She has been listening to Delila (99.9) since the 8th grade. My Dad would drive us somewhere and she would ask him to change the station to Delila, then proceed to sniffle and cry in the backseat because she would relate every love song to her latest crush.

8.) Very creative in all she does!

7.) As Rachel's mom would say, "Rachel is yellow"! She yas a yellow personality- always wanting to have fun, very social, and wants everyone to be happy!

6.) Cutest mom ever- who of course has no idea why any person would say having a baby is difficult. From the time Myles was born she has been all smiles!

5.) Funniest and BEST sense of humor!

4.)Rach is sooo talented- dance, sing, and I'm pretty sure she could do a back tuck over Willie ( serious athletic ability).

3.) Started driving everywhere when she was 15 (no permit), she thought she was the best driver, and blew her Dad's speakers out because she is obsessed with loud music in the car.

2.)Rachel and I used to get decked out in our dance gear, and make up dance routines like we were top choreographers.....we were DEAD serious! The dance routines we made up were performed...for no one, they had no purpose.

1.) Rachel is always trying to better herself- from the books she reads to the way she trys to understand others- I love ya rach, happy birthday!


Natalie Hall said...

How sweet was that! You could'nt of posted it better. What a great friend you are. Maybe you and Rach should look into writting for your local town obituaries. You do both deliver such great tributes. Happy Birthday Sista, Love ya tons!!!

The Waites said...

Im beaming from ear to ear! That was the sweetest thing ever, You made my day! Boy am I glad you started a blog... just in time. How did I know you would mention my friend Delila.Thanks so much your the bestest friend ever! If only Ms Pflepsen could see us now:)

Aubree said...

Juliette!!! Found your blog off Hillary' fun! Looks like things are going good for you. Just wanted to say hi. Loved the post about Rachel. Happy B-Day to her if she reads this!

The Tyler's said...

Hey Juliet, that was such a cute post about Rach! I so remember sitting up in Rachels room listening to Delila dreaming about our MHS boys! And the driving, yes I remember her driving us everywhere,(even though we were older) and just blasting the music as loud as can be!
She's such a great friend! Happy Birthday Rach!!

Hess Fam said...

Oh happy (late) b-day to Rach. I'm laughing!

Whalen Fam said...

You are such a great friend! I loved reading this!

The Waites said...

New post already! And Missy you never called me back, what did you do on your big day?

Allie & Matt said...

Dang. You are a good friend! I love seeing you and your cute family. I'm thinking the last time I saw you was at your wedding reception. Well, you look adorable as ALWAYS!
Allie (Stapley) Cooper

jill said...

Hey! Thanks for calling tonight. It was fun to chat with you. Oh and ps, I SUCK! Happy late late birthday to you both. I am a horrible friend. Don't worry, I forgot Natalies big day too. I'm awesome.

ps. i left you a little treat on my page :)