Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone please give me an energy drink
How cute are these kids at this fun farm? How fun was their experience? Please look below.

This might look like an ordinary pic of a cow, but look at the white cows rump- the black form you see is a baby calf being born. We were on a hay ride when the farmer stopped the hayride because this cow was giving birth. He was very excited... the 2o children aboard were not quite as euphoric. There was alot of silence and Malloy looked at me and said, "I feel sick". He then spent the rest of the hayride laying on my lap- eyes closed, most likely trying to erase the image. My nephew also commented later, " we saw a cow have a baby from his butt." WOW- what a day at the farm.

Sleep over with cousins McKay, Jaden, and Roxcy- love the clubhouse.