Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Those who are reading, please think back to the bridal shower/ engagement days. I hope you laugh as hard as I do when I think about that time. First of all, anyone who gave or recommended a book about marriage, I secretly felt sorry for because I thought to myself- Oh, we don't need those kind of books because we are more in love than you. Also, anything my husband did, or said I thought was "so cute". I wanted to talk about him night and day and we could not leave each other in the evenings. We would hug, hold hands,be so sad to separate. Oh I am laughing right now. I love my husband but I would gladly read a good book on marriage. He is pretty cute but a lot of things he says are not so cute and lastly, in the evenings I try to get to bed as early as possible so he can give Delilah her late night feeding! I'm embarresed when I think about some of the things we said and did during the dating days- The Bachelor times twelve! I love you Adam and we have lot's of funny stories to laugh about when you get home!